Our Focus Areas

Poverty and access to the right resources are primary barriers to PwDs receiving adequate healthcare, and so our support has been focused on enabling access to healthcare services, with an aim to better quality of life, especially for PwDs from lower income backgrounds with a focus on early intervention for children as identifying children with or at risk of disability and intervening early on can have a significant impact on child development.

Early intervention

It is important that communities have access to resources that help asses and diagnose disabilities/delays accurately at an early stage.

Developing trained personnel

Our support is focused on training human resources for PwDs, including community workers, parents and teachers, and developing a resource pool for the sector.

Enabling Access to Affordable Healthcare

Early Identification, treatment support and ongoing management of health needs of a PwD.

Life Care

We address key gaps in continued long term life care for adults with disabilities through our institutional support to affordable life care facilities.

Who We
Partner with

Our partners are expert leaders, providing transformational and life-changing health interventions to children with disabilities in the form of surgeries and therapy needs for children from low income families. We also support training healthcare professionals focused on early identification and treatment.

Latika Roy Foundation assets/images/partners/PwD-new/nayi-disha.jpg Ummeed The Association of People with Disabilities

Our Support

Early Intervention and identification for children with special needs

We support Latika Roy Memorial Foundation’s Early intervention center in Dehradun