Our Focus Areas

Developing and building foundational skills is essential for students enrolled in schools. Teachers and school systems are the most critical unit in impacting quality within a school system. Therefore we prioritise our support towards initiatives that focus on building capacity of teachers and strengthen both public and private school systems across India.

Teacher Training

Focus on content knowledge, pedagogy and progressive classroom practice (In service and Pre service)

Strengthening Government Systems

Support state education departments in building capacity in content knowledge, monitoring and implementation of educations initiatives to shift the focus of these structures from administrative to academics.

School learning Environment

We support organisations in building vibrant, student focused and learning oriented school learning environments. The programs will be geared towards providing high quality school education to students, especially from low income backgrounds by creating stronger academic and non academic school process, capacity building of school staff and providing resources to schools.

Who We
Partner with

Our partners work within the public and private education system to run teacher training and school transformation programmes. We work closely with state governments to increase the capacity of their teachers and the teacher support network. We also support organisations working to strengthen the delivery of quality education in low income private schools.

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Our Support

Building School Capacity in Low-Income Private Schools

321’s Ignite program focuses on delivering improvements in student learning through individualised support for each teacher, world class curriculums, student level data analytics and continuous communication