Our Focus Areas

Blindness and visual impairment limit many aspects of physical and socio-economic conditions of a person’s life. However, majority of blindness can either be prevented or treated. Restoring sight unlocks people’s skills and abilities that might otherwise have been progressively lost. It opens opportunities for better learning and economic productively.

We have been supporting sight restoration programmes, with an objective to transforms people’s socio-economic life for increased education, livelihoods, gender equity along with improved self-reliance..

Enhancing access to early detection and treatment

Community and school outreach programmes for early detection of blindness including refractive error, cataract, diabetic retinopathy etc.

Improving treatment capacity of eye health facilities

Establishing eye care hospitals in remote underserved areas, establishing facilities for emerging needs like retinoblastoma, equipping existing eye hospitals with advanced and high quality treatment facilities.

Developing skilled eye care providers

Establishing academic institutions and training centres for eye care professionals, supporting training and capacity building programmes for a wide range of eye care providers.

Who We
Partner with

Our Eye Care partners have outstanding track records in providing access to quality eye care and addressing avoidable blindness.

Akhand Jyoti Akhand Jyoti

Our Support

Improving treatment capacity of Eye Health facilities

Our support to Akhand Jyoti’s 40 bed eye hospital provides quality eye care to rural populations in and around Ballia, Uttar Pradesh.