State of our Environment

The rapid urbanisation of Indian cities has adversely impacted our natural ecosystems. To mitigate this impact, it is critical to empower local populations and build urban resilience with sustainable solutions.

Our aim is to achieve a balance between the economic and social development of human habitats, ensuring the protection of the ecosystems they reside in.

Our Approach

Production & Consumption

Industries manufacture products and services to meet the growing demand. Increase in production and consumption patterns deepens the stress on finite natural resources. Linear extractive production processes and wasteful consumption overlook the inherent value of resources.

Waste and Emissions

Industrial wastes and emissions are one of the primary causes of pollution. Wastes produced and let out into the natural environment can cause both health and ecological damage.

Recovery and Reuse

Following a circular economy model gives us the tools to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss together, while addressing critical social and health needs.

Natural Resources

Natural Resources are the bedrock for Economic Growth. Energy, Food, Water are extracted from Nature to feed, nurture and grow entire populations.

Key Focus Areas

We focus on three core areas to build urban resilience and empower cities to effectively combat environmental stresses. Given the interconnectedness of the challenges, our interventions need to be focused for maximum impact as well as complement our efforts across our key sectors.

Clean Energy

Ecological Restoration

Solid Waste and Sanitation

We collaborate with partners who work to conserve and restore diverse ecosystems, protect biodiversity and increase water security.

In the future we aim to increase our support to


Water Bodies

In Cities

Increasing Forest Cover By


Indigenous Trees




We support initiatives that increase access to clean, affordable and sustainable energy, reduce carbon emissions and unlock benefits to human health, education and the economy.

In the future we aim to increase our support to

Rooftop Solar Plant Installation In

Tier I & II


Clean Energy Enterprises In

Energy Deficient


We aim to manage human produced waste including solid waste to benefit people and the environment they live in.

Our initiatives include increasing access to safe sanitation facilities by improving sanitation infrastructure, implementing community mobilization initiatives and raising awareness and sustainability through behaviour change programmes.

In the future we aim to increase our support to

Appropriately Process


Solid Waste



That Exemplify 3Rs

Increase The Toilet To

People Ratio

Reduce The Disposal Of Faecal


Ekonnect Gramalaya MHT Washi Waste Warriors Cere SELCO-foundation Balipara Foundation CSMVS -The Musuem Paani Wildlife Conservation Trust
Selco Foundation

Selco foundation

We have supported SELCO Foundation in setting up an Atal Incubation Center in Guwahati, Assam that aims to provide clean energy entrepreneur with the management expertise, intellectual capital, and hand holding support to enhance the capacity of local energy and technology enterprises to innovate in the delivery of sustainable energy driven livelihood solutions.

Selco Foundation

Wildlife conservation trust

Supported technology solution for water heating to reduce dependency on firewood for water heating and improving LPG adaptations to reduce overall animal and human conflict.

Selco Foundation

Waste warriors

We have supported waste warriors in dharamsala since august 2012 to create systems for solid waste management to increase segregation & recycling, public awareness and education initiatives.

Our Reach

Our Direct Reach across FY 2018 to FY 2023.
  • 272,531+

    Adults Reached

  • 128,708+

    Children Reached