Our Focus Areas

The sharp increase in drop out rates for girls post Grade 8 and the multiplier impact that has on the society can be reduced by ensuring that girls stay in school and complete their education. We support initiatives that are able to help girls in staying in schools, help them to identify their career paths and support girls with the skills required to succeed in life.

Reduce Drop out rates and Retain girls in Secondary Education

Ensure that girls stay in school and complete their secondary education such that they are able to break the cycle of poverty and have access to future opportunities.

Ensuring Grade level competency

Ensure that graduating students are achieving academic competencies that will enable them to access career opportunities in the future.

21st century skills

Support girls in developing skills that empower them to succeeded post school, advocate for their rights and support their career trajectories.

Pathways for career opportunity

Support access to information regarding different career options and training needs for student’s success after graduation.

Who We
Partner with

Our partners run vocational programmes that bridge the gap between school to work and ensure that graduating students are career ready.

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Our Support

H T Parekh Foundation support Avsara’s Xcell Programme

Avasara’s Xcell programme builds career awareness, agency and socio emotional health of girls.