Our Focus Areas

It is a proven fact that a women’s active participation in earning potential and family decision making has a multiplier effect on the family’s health, nutrition, education and employment prospects. Through our interventions and programmes we aim to achieve socio-economic empowerment of women. We support programmes that enable employable skills development and financial literacy of women in rural and urban communities.

Rural livelihoods

Provide training to women in rural households to improve agricultural productivity, facilitate market linkages to enhance income and support non-farm activities to supplement rural household level income. Promote women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs) in remote tribal pockets. work with partners that support rural women entrepreneurs in setting up and expanding micro enterprises

Developing Employable skills

Focus on leveraging market linked skills training of women, in information technology, healthcare and various other non-traditional trades like driving, optometry etc, and entrepreneurship

Who We
Partner with

Our partners have the experience and expertise in working with the complexities and challenges addressing the needs of this vulnerable population. Partners are a mix of strong, sizeable organisations with large scale geographic presence as well as grassroots based implementing organisations having a strong network in the community.

Harsha Mann Deshi Yuva Mitra

Our Support

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